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Privacy Policy of Personal Data

Our Company “AFOI FRANTZIS – TROIA SA” respects your privacy and commits to protect the personal data of its visitors. For this reason, it has taken all suitable technical and organisational measures, that they ensure that your personal data are absolutely safe and confidential!

Aiming to fully inform you about the way we collect, use and disclose υour personal data we composed the text of Privacy Policy of Personal Data beneath, that exists in our website and is in effect weather you are a visitor of our accommodation or our website. The processing of your personal data is held according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

Processing of your personal data is the collection, registration, organising, maintenance or storage, modification, export, use, dispatch, distribution, cross-correlation or combination, interconnection, engagement, deletion or destruction are based on the legal ways of reception of your elements according to the law and under your consent. In the present privacy policy is described the principals based on personal data, that concern you, are collected by us or are provided by you in the frame of benefit of our services, according to the current lawful frame for the Protection of Personal Data and the Privacy Policy of the Company.

We request that you read carefully the following information:

Ι. Our Company

Our company by the name “AFOI FRANTZIS – TROIA SA” is the “Controller” for accommodation TROIA RESORT for the aims of current legislation for the protection of personal data and the present Privacy Policy is in effect for the accommodation TROIA RESORT as subsidiary company of the company above and the site of the accommodation above.

The Privacy Policy is in effect for each service or operation, that is provided by us and is referred in the Privacy Policy or refers in this, for the present place in the net, for each web or application online, each promotional act of our Company for the accommodation online and offline, for the access in our Services, whether is used by any electronic mean or other appliance, as well as for the benefit of our Services without the use of as above electronic means.

II. What is personal data:

“personal data”: each information that concerns a person, who has been ascertained or individual the identity of  which can be ascertained, directly or indirectly.

III. Ways of collection of your information.

We collect data of personal character on you each time you use our services, when you reside in the accommodation, some obligatorily according to the law and some provided that you select to give them, after you sign explicit and free consent in our reception, which we scan and save it in safe ciphered file or when you use our site our form of communication to ask information from us or upload a comment. You have the right to inform us on our communication form, that exists in our page, that henceforth don’t agree  in the processing  of your personal data, further than their obligatory use according to the law, whenever you want.

IV. Aims of collection of data

We proceed each time in the collection of your data so that we are in position to provide you the services that you asked in order to improve their level. In specific, we collect data on the following aims:

  1. The reservation of room and other related services, as, observation of required documents according to the current legislation and your stay in the accommodation (access in room, use of services mini bar, telephone of room etc)
  2. For organisational reasons (eg list of customers with arrival departure inside the day, customers with special offers, mission newsletter etc)
  3. In order to we use tools of analysis of data to improve our site, our products and our services, our relations with the customers and their experiences and to correspond better to your needs in general.
  4. In order to we direct and to protect in the best way our enterprise, our site and our systems in general.
  5. In order to comply with the current Greek and European legislation.

V. Which data we collect?

Depending on the aim of your visit and the service, that you wish to receive via our Website and the type of personal data that we collect will include information as full name, address/country, e- mail, number of telephone.

We maintain the right to collect, store and process different types of personal data for you either directly from you or via our web page More specifically:

  • Data of identity of Customer,
  • Data for pricing (eg VAT, No of payment card, banking account
  • Date of arrival of/departure and number of room

VI. Time of maintenance of Personal Data

Our Company maintains your personal data only as long as it is needed so that we achieve the aims for which him we collected eg achievement of legal obligation, that is determined in the 5 years. From that time and on you can ask us to erase them. We have the right anonymize your data, so that they are not connected with you, with aim to be used for inquiring or statistical aims, therefore we can use this information for indefinite time, without other notice to you.

V. Cookies

In order to improve your experience of pilotage on our website, some of our pages use “cookies”. “Cookies” are files of text that are placed, via the web page, in your surfing program, aiming to safe operation of our web page and more specifically: 1) the collection of statistical information visiting the site out of Google, 2) the support of the operation of choosing language of page content and 3) the functionalism of depiction of our web page in multiple types of screens. “Cookies” alone do not reveal the address of your e – mail or any other personal information of recognition. Your personal data (email, full name, telephone, country of origin, ip address)  is provided to us only if you select to use the communication form of  our web page.

VII. Access to of third party to your Personal Data

Basic principal of ours is the fact that we will not send your information in a third party for their own independent enterprising aims or aims of commercial promotion, without your consent. They will be sent only if it is necessary by law.

Aiming to provide you with our best services, we provide access to your personal data or in part of these to the personnel of our accommodation for the facilitation of your stay or so that you are provided with promotion material of our services or they provide services that you asked, which works in the frames of clauses of secrecy according to Regulation 679/2016.

VIII. Which are your rights

With respect in your right of protection of your private life and your rights for the control of your personal data, we inform you as following:

  • Right of access – communication of subject with the Controller, that is our company: You have the right of access to the personal data that we maintain regarding you, under the reserve of certain from the restrictions of law, as well as right of communication with the Controller, the data of which are reported below.
  • Right of correction of data: In the case of  mistaken and/or not current data and/or not completely supplemented, you have the right to ask the correction of personal data.
  • Right of deletion of data from our files: In certain cases you have the right to ask the deletion of your personal data, with the reserve of existence of legal or well-founded reasons for their maintenance.
  • Right of restriction of process of data: You have the right to ask us to limit the processing of your data.
  • Right to charge to the responsible Supervisory Authority at the communication data that are reported below.
  • Right of opposition to the way of processing of data: You have the right to oppose in the reception of notifications of direct commercial promotion, as well as when the processing of personal data you base on our legal interest and maintain reasons to wish to oppose in the treatment in question, while you consider that it influences your fundamental rights and your freedoms.
  • Right to portability: You have the right of copy or move of data from our  data base to other, when you have provided us the data simultaneously with your consent or the processing is based on a contract and the processing in question it is realised with automated means.
  • Right of retraction of consent: in any case, you have the right to recall your consent to the processing of your personal data from us, when the processing in question is based on your consent and not on processing imposed by Law.


For any query, question or reflection, you are addressed to our company via sending message of e- mail in the address or send letter in the below address:

NO: 043296606000 | Seat: D.D. Asprovalta of Municipality of Volvi
(EX. Municipality of Saint Georgios)

Legal representative: FRANTZIS DIMITRIOS SPYR. (Vice-president and Directing Adviser)

Troia Resort Studios
28 October 25, Asprovalta 57021, Greece
M: (+30) 6985 053500 | T: (+30) 23970 25558

Your can address your charges to:

Supervisory Authority is the Authority of Protection of Personal Data
(Kifissias 1-3, Athens), TK 11523, Telephone Centre: +30-210 6475600 Fax: +30-210 6475628

Aiming to the continuing improvement of protection and safety of your personal data at the collection and Processing by our Company, the present Privacy Policy is able is revised per regular time spaces.

Date of last revision: 14.02.2020


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